Top 12 Vegetables That Are Good For You


Top 12 Vegetables Food That Are Good For You

Top 12 Vegetables Food That Are Good For You

By the way...I didn’t include other leafy greens that I mentioned in my article about spinach for a few reasons. Leafy greens can be very high on the glycemic index when eaten immediately after consumption and this can lead to blood sugar spikes so it’s better to serve them straight from the bag/baguette instead of letting them cool down first. It also reduces the impact of the food on your gut. I haven’t really tried broccoli yet but believe it to be healthy, not overly spicy, and good for you. Broccoli is another superfood that should have its rightful place in the top ten list of fruits and vegetables that would make our body more resistant to disease and even death..

(2). Vegetable intake can slow the growth of cancer cells and can reduce appetite during times of stress.

These five veggies are particularly great because they all contain compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids can stop cell division by targeting the enzyme kinase Cdc2 which has been found to be involved in the formation of new cancer cells in human cancer research.

(3). They may also contribute to the anti-oxidant effect of flavonoid-containing foods.

Some flavonoids are now being studied for possible use in treating Alzheimer's disease and other diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. Another study has found that flavonoids may be protective against heart disease in people with high cholesterol levels.

(4).The next vegetable for me is kale. Kale is full of vitamins C and K,

both of which help boost the amount of iron your body needs daily. In terms of phytonutrients, leeks are rich in lignans.

(5). The best part?

When done right, salad leaves can add up to 8 servings on their own and the fiber content helps prevent constipation or bowel discomfort. It also contains many nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B6, coppe,r and protein. If someone has an eating disorder, like Bulimiaord Anorexia Nervos ,add toa or if someone is looking to detox, kale is a good vegetableto addd ton salads. Its texture makes it great to mix into pasta dishestacosNervouso,,s and wraps. There is some evidence to suggest that kale is apotentialanti agingg vegetable. As far as flavor goes, kale is unique enough, though there are definitely ways to substitute similar vegetables, like cabbage or tomato, for kale to save calories.

(6). Also it has a lot of nutritional value as well as its ability to keep you regular throughout the day.

Onions are one of the most medicinal vegetables out there, especially when used alongside garlic or ginger. In fact, onions really are an important source of carotenoids which are proven to protect against several diseases such as asthma, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and certain types of cancer.

(7). They are also potent antioxidants that can help prevent damage caused by free radicals,

another key factor in degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimer's. Garlic is added to everything in moderation which makes it an amazing ingredient in soups as well as sauces and sides in sandwiches like hummus and spaghetti sauce. But don't eat too much of it. Keep it light and fresh to start building those health benefits, even if it doesn't taste great. Onions are amazing at giving you the feeling of satiety after meals. Once you eat them enough, they become easier to digest. Another great side benefit is that onions (and a good amount of salt) help aid digestion and absorption of water in between meals andhelps hydrate you throughout the night.

(8). Green onions are another one of those vegetables that do wonders in boosting your immune system.

One study found that red onions were twice as effective as white onions at protecting a person froma bacterial infection in a mice model.

(9). They are also rich in manganese along with dietary fiber as well as magnesium,

both of which can help improve metabolism, decrease the risk for chronic disease,s and increase energy. Green onions also carry a wealth of other nutrients like vitamin K, calcium, copper, iron, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium-phosphate ,copper irono,,,n and sulfur.

(10). My personal favorite is the zest on the outside of sliced onion,

called limonene. It adds a subtle fruity note with a hint of piney color that brightens your palette.

Finally, carrots are loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene which are two fat-soluble vitamins that can improve eyesight in older adults.

(11). Along with all the other nutrients and vitamins in carrots,

vitamin A is essential for vision and this vitamin is especially important to women because they have traditionally spent less time out doing physical labor than men. Women need to consume 5 servings (240 grams) per day of carrots if they have low eyesight. However, it's also a very common fact that women have lower intakes of vitamins like K, M, and R. So women may feel more uncomfortable about vitamin A if they aren’t getting enough of them. Potatoes are also highly beneficial to eye health and they are packed with beta-carotene. Plus, potatoes are a popular source of vitamins A, E, and B-6 whichares crucial for brain function, especially when it comes to memory and attention span.

(12). One last thing before I conclude it!

Let me share how these five vegetables may affect weight loss orthe prevention of an eating disorder. I’ve always thought these vegetables might be helpful and healthy for a person and others around them, however, when I started using these daily like in salads and soups, I was able to see the results in my mind. They helped me lose a couple pounds and made me feel good. So thank you for reading my story and allowing me to share what I believe is a very powerful tool. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment and check out some of my other work on Medium.

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